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Our History

Approximately 30 years ago, Edey & Duff, a Massachusetts sailboat builder, brought together a group of professional fishing guides from Key West, FL and a world-renowned naval architect to design the ultimate offshore, outboard fishing boat. Their objective was to design a boat that had great seakeeping abilities, while still maintaining stability. There had to be ample live well and fish box capacities, and the boat needed to be built incredibly strong in order to withstand the toll of consistent commercial abuse. This collaboration resulted in the creation of the original Conch 27 introduced in the late 1980’s which has become legendary.

Because of the admiration of their own personal Conch 27 boat, R&R Boatworks acquired the assets of Edey & Duff in 2005 and began designing a larger model of the Conch 27. Less than a year later, the Conch 33 made its debut.

Over the next few years, R&R Boatworks re-tooled the old Conch 27 molds, designing all new and improved hatches, consoles, decks, leaning posts, and hard-tops. They upgraded all raw materials & construction methods to the latest technologies available in the industry. R&R Boatworks holds itself to an extremely high standard when it comes to construction methods.

In 2015, with improvement in mind, R&R Boatworks introduced the Conch 30. This boat was derived from the Conch 27 hull, with the addition of an “integrated bracket”, a slightly longer running surface and with more standard features to address the customers desiring a more contemporary, luxury design. The Conch 30 is the same bottom and performance as the original classic Conch 27.

In order to accommodate those customers desirous of the ultimate fishing platform that could run at high speeds to distant destinations, and comfortably accommodate overnight excursions for 4-6 people, R&R Boatworks began design on the Conch 47 in 2016.  Construction began in 2017 with deliveries beginning in 2018.
We are pleased to announce the introduction of the newest Conch model… The Conch 25 Bay Boat. A true ‘Hybrid” between a backcountry shallow water craft capable of offshore runs. Deliveries beginning mid 2020.

Why Choose Conch?

The most important factors when evaluating a boat are its Design, Construction, Materials,  Performance, & Value.


Design: The Conch 25, 27, 30, 33, & 47 were designed by renowned naval architects along with input from experienced offshore fisherman. Our layout is clean and extremely spacious. Huge fishbox and multiple in-deck livewells provide capacity like no others. Our lines are clean and classic…tumblehome sides, curved transoms, crowned transom, broken shearlines.

Construction:: Hulls are vacuum infused using only vinylester resin. Hand-laminated stringers & bulkheads to the hull bottom, hull sides, and deck result in an extremely rigid grid. Soles are epoxy bonded to stringers, bulkheads, and hull sides; then fiberglass laminated to seal compartments. Caps are epoxy bonded, thru-bolted, and laminated to the hull sides. Fuel tanks installation exceeds all industry standards…all aluminum construction, bolted to stringers and bulkheads, foam lined, then encapsulated with fiberglass laminates to seal fully from water intrusion.

Materials: Our boats are 100% composite (no wood) using the finest materials. Vinylester resins, carbon fiber, multi-axial fabric sandwiched around the finest core material results in extremely strong yet lightweight composite parts.

Performance: Our hulls run in seas like no other competitors resulting in a soft dry ride. Fast & fuel efficient. Stable at anchor, fast trolling or top end.

Value: Despite our laborious manufacturing methods & high quality materials, our initial price is lower or comparable to leading competitors. Our resale prices are highest in the boating industry resulting in lower overall cost of ownership.


“Built One-At-A-Time For A Select Few”

Conch Boats are truly the unprecedented benchmark in offshore fishing center consoles. A legacy 30 years in the making. Customized and rigged to the highest standards in the boating industry, second to none.

Experience that unbelievable feeling when heading out to the fishing grounds; throttles from your high performance outboards swiftly bring you up on plane, then comes that satisfying feeling of control and stability that immediately makes you aware that you own and get to experience the finest fishing boat ever made.

If you want to part of the “Select Few”, contact us to see how you can be part of the legacy and join the Conch team. Visit our facility in Stuart, Florida or schedule a sea trial so you can experience the difference between a Conch and any other production boat.

What our customer say

I want to thank R and R Boatworks for building my custom Conch 33 to fit our families every need . When you have a company that’s willing to make custom changes on a boat of your dreams on the fly it makes it special !! This is my 2nd Conch 33 to own and I absolutely love how they fish and feel on the water .

Robert Cannon, Interstate Batteries

I received delivery of my 2nd Conch over the summer. My 33 runs great, fishes great, is very fast, and very fuel efficient !

Danny Massa

Getting super excited for this bad Boy to be done…The Conch 33 outfitted with 585 Gallons of Fuel Capacity, Dual Simrad 19 inch units paired with Simrad 24″ array radar, Simrad Auto-Pilot, a Simrad smaller display on the rear underside of the Key West Hardtop mounted for aft cockpit viewing and perfect for viewing the bait pods to throw on, add in a sweet Fair Thermal imaging camera with joystick for night running, Carbon Fiber Edson Helm Wheel, Dual VHF GOS tracking setups, Marsh Tacky Carbon Outriggers, Triple Mercury Verado 350’s slapped on the high Flotation Armstrong Bracket fro the power….R and R Boatworks in my opinion builds the best Bad Ass Fishing Platform ! Thank again for making this build a fun and outstanding experience!! Gonna be awesome, Thanks Matt, Allie, and all at R and R Boatworks ! Looking forward to pulling some huge swords over the gunnels on her !

Steven Bradford TurnerConch 33
Conch Boats