R&R Boatworks is expanding

R&R BOATWORKS is expanding its operations into the
“marine tooling” business through its affiliate Conch Marine Composites, LLC. (“CMC”). CMC offers mold fabrication and finishing services to the marine industry at competitive rates and timely scheduling. More information is available at conchmarinecomposite@gmail.com

Nautilus ENGineering Joins Conch

R&R BOATWORKS as of December 1, 2021 has acquired a major interest in Nautilus Engineering Solutions, LLC (“NES”). NES offers 3D scanning, CAD design & development, CAM or CNC manufacturing.
Scan existing parts to create precise digital files for modifications or work with our engineers to create your new 3D digital design. Our 5 axis CNC machine is capable of precision cutting parts for any industry. Contact us at matt@nes.engineering or visit our website at www.nes.engineering

Boat Show Schedule

Palm Beach Boat Show

Conch 18,25,27, & 33 on display

March 24th-27th

Suncoast Boat Show

Conch 18 & 25 on display

April 22nd-24th

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Conch 18, 25,33, & 41 on display

October 26-30, 2022