How we got here...

Approximately 30 years ago, Edey & Duff, a Massachusetts sailboat builder, brought together a group of professional fishing guides from Key West, FL and a world-renowned naval architect to design the ultimate offshore, outboard fishing boat. Their objective was to design a boat that had great seakeeping abilities, while still maintaining stability. There had to be ample live well and fish box capacities, and the boat needed to be built incredibly strong in order to withstand the toll of consistent commercial abuse. This collaboration resulted in the creation of the original Conch 27 introduced in the late 1980’s which has become legendary.

Because of the admiration of their own personal Conch 27 boat, R&R Boatworks acquired the assets of Edey & Duff in 2005 and began designing a larger model of the Conch 27. Less than a year later, the Conch 33 made its debut.

Over the next few years, R&R Boatworks re-tooled the old Conch 27 molds, designing all new and improved hatches, consoles, decks, leaning posts, and hard-tops. They upgraded all raw materials & construction methods to the latest technologies available in the industry. R&R Boatworks holds itself to an extremely high standard when it comes to construction methods.

In 2015, with improvement in mind, R&R Boatworks introduced the Conch 30. This boat was derived from the Conch 27 hull, with the addition of an “integrated bracket”, a slightly longer running surface and with more standard features to address the customers desiring a more contemporary, luxury design. The Conch 30 is the same bottom and performance as the original classic Conch 27.

In 2020 R&R began development of the Conch 25 Bay Boat. A true ‘Hybrid” between a backcountry shallow water craft capable of offshore runs. Deliveries began Q1 of 2021.

During 2021, R&R embarked upon several major development projects to expand its product offerings to include the Conch 18 “Pistol”, a shallow-water skiff; and Conch 41, our newest and largest offshore center-console, with a patented unique high performance running surface. Both models will begin production Q1 2022.